What is an Audio Guest Book?

Audio Guest Book is an alternative to the traditional guest book. It lets guests at your wedding or other special event send wishes with the sound of their voice that you can have forever and listen to over and over again.

How does it work?

Before the event, you record a greeting message for your guests (eg., with your smartphone). We integrate this message into the telephone you ordered. On the day of the event our courier brings the telephone to the address of your event and places it where you require. That’s it! It’s ready to record voicemails. Just pick up the handset, listen to the greeting message and say your wishes after the tone.

Does it need a phone line or power socket?

No, our telephones are battery-powered and don’t need a connection to a phone line or power socket to work. You can place them anywhere you like!

How do I make a greeting message?

You can record your greeting message by means of a smartphone or computer. You need to send it to us by email as an audio file (wav, mp3, etc.) not later than 1 week before the event. Otherwise, one of our stock greeting messages will be used.

Is there a limit on how many recordings the Audio Guest Book can hold?

No, you can record as many voicemails as you like!

When will I receive my Audio Guest Book?

You will receive your Audio Guest Book by our courier on the day of your event at the requested time and address.

How to return the Audio Guest Book?

Our courier will pick up the Audio Guest Book at the end of your event.

Where should I put the Audio Guest Book at my venue?

We recommend placing the Audio Guest Book in a quieter place where you could comfortably have a phone conversation.

When will I receive my voicemails?

We will send you a download link for all your recorded voicemails within 1 business day after the event.

How will I receive my voicemails?

You will receive your voicemails as MP3 and MP4 files (so that you can share the voicemails on social media).

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